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SkillListRich creates a larger version of {{SkillListLite}}, allowing for additional details such as stats and notes to be displayed. Like SkillListLite, SkillListRich must be contained between a {{SkillListHead}} and a {{SkillListTail}}.

SkillListRich accepts all the same parameters as SkillListLite, with a few additions:

  • trait1 thru trait8 - (Optional) Displays in bold the name of a parameter or trait of the skill
  • value1 thru value8 - (Optional) Displays the value of the trait that goes with it. Pair with uses of trait1-trait8.
  • mana - (Optional) Displays the Mana cost of the ability. Not generally used.
  • cooldown - (Optional) Displays the Cooldown of the ability. Not generally used.
  • notes - (Optional) Displays in italics any additional text relevant to the ability, not covered by a trait/value


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