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Galho de Ferro

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(Redirecionado de Iron Branch)
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Galho de Ferro
Iron Branch icon.png
Um galho aparentemente ordinário, com habilidades de ferro outorgadas ao seu usuário.
Ativo Plantar Árvore
Cargas 1
Adicional +1 de Força
+1 de Agilidade
+1 de Inteligência
Desmontável? Não
Alerta aliados? Não
Cocar (525)
Varinha Mágica (450)
Broquel (800)
UsedIn3.pngGalho de Ferro (50)

Galho de Ferro é um item comprável na loja da base, na categoria atributos.

Informações adicionais[editar]


Plantar Árvore
Em inglês: Plant Tree
Planta uma árvore em um ponto-alvo que dura {{#show:#Plantar Árvore|?value2#}} segundos.
Alcance de uso: 200
Duração: 20
Cooldown: 0


  • Galho de Ferro é consumido no processo.
  • Creates a regular tree at the target point. This tree is smaller than the other trees on the map and has a smaller collision size.
  • This means it blocks vision and is treated like any other tree by all abilities which interact with trees.
  • Tango icon.png Tango heals for twice as long when targeting an Iron Branch tree, using the ward duration instead of the tree duration.
  • The particles around the tree are visible to everyone, making it clear that it is a planted tree.


  • The item is used early game for a cheap boost of attributes and it is then made into a Magic Wand or a Mekansm, or sold.
  • Due to how efficient the Iron Branch is gold-wise, it is a good idea, if you have spare inventory slots, to buy as many as you can. If you cannot micro the courier effectively, it is a good idea to leave one space for another item that you will get in the future.
  • Plant an Iron Branch to create a tree that traps or blocks enemy movement.


  • In the original DotA, Iron Branch's full name was "Ironwood Branch".
  • The happy little trees in the active ability description is a reference to Bob Ross, a popular painter who often used the phrase on his television program, The Joy of Painting.
  • The planted tree uses the same model as the  Brotar trees and is surrounded by the same effects as a tree enchanted with  Olhos na Floresta.
  • Typing in 'GG' into the shop search bar will bring up the Iron Branch, in reference to their fan name of "GG Branches" due to Dota 1 giving them the description of "Buying one of these will ensure a good game".