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O Frostivus 2017 é um evento de inverno (hemisfério norte) que começou em 14 de dezembro de 2017. Os jogadores devem disputar por pontos em uma série de minijogos no Festival de Frostivus.

Festival de Frostivus[editar]

  • A criação de partida do Frostivus contém 4 minijogos aleatórios de um total de 30 possíveis.
  • Ao fim de cada partida, os jogadores são classificados baseados na sua pontuação acumulada em todos os minijogos.
  • Jogadores recebem recompensas através do sistema de obtenção de itens, assim como na criação de partidas normal.
  • Por favor, adicione os minijogos ausentes na wiki em inglês.
Herói Nome Objetivo Dicas
Terrorblade minimap icon.png Batata quente congelada Avoid Lich's Chain Frost and be the last person standing to win.
  • Copies of yourself will serve as another target that will draw Chain Frost. You can move your copies. A good strategy is to move your copies towards enemies who have chain frost whilst running your character away from chain frost, forcing the bounce to hit another player. Notice that your mana depletes.
Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png Colecionador de moedas Pick up the most coins to win.
  • Whenever you cast teleportation, leaves will appear on the place you are trying to go, so you may tell when your opponents are teleporting that way. Just keep scanning the map around you to find new coins. If they are not too far, go fetch them by foot, paying attention to teleportating opponents, who could reach those coins before you. If they'll reach it faster, simply change target to another coin not to waste time.
Pudge minimap icon.png Guerra de Pudge Kill the most players with Meat Hook to win.
  • Pay attention to where hooks are coming from the fog and try staying on high ground. You spawn at some places and it is common that others might be around you already, or spawn by your side. Quick fingers and some feigning hooks will help you score and dodge better.
Timbersaw minimap icon.png Desmatamento Destroy the most trees to win.
  • Chakram is probably the key to success. You can throw it in a direction, then you move away, going about the trees, placing as many as possible between you and your blade, then you call back Chakram trying to cut as many trees in your path as possible, also using your other abilities in the process. Also, try going somewhere where other people are not present.
Invoker minimap icon.png O mestre mandou... Invoke the same spells as the lead Invoker. Missing a spell causes you to take damage. Last player standing wins.
  • Watch the debuff, that's the skill you need to copy. Avoid watching him cast his skills you might get confused of the order.
Weaver minimap icon.png Parou, vai! Parou... First player to reach the end of the track without being killed by Rupture wins.
  • Keep an eye upon Bloodseeker. Whenever he prompts his cast animation of Rupture, you must stop moving. His Ruptures don't last the same time. As you move faster by using Shukuchi, you may consider using it when Bloodseeker cast a Rupture with shorter duration. Notice that you are affected by Rupture even after you run past Bloodseeker.
Earth Spirit minimap icon.png Futebol de pedrão Kick the rock into other players' goals to deal damage to them. Last player standing wins.
  • Dica
Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png Corrida espiritual Hit the Q button repeatedly to make Spirit Breaker move. First player across the line wins.
  • You can alternate clicking with your mouse on the ability icon and pressing the hotkey for that ability, so you have two activating inputs. Some mouses have a turbo button, which can be kept pressed on the ability icon while hitting the ability hotkey, which would them make Spirit Breaker move the fastest.
Mirana minimap icon.png Tiro ao sino Hit the bells at the end of the shooting range with Sacred Arrow.
  • You can try hitting those by counting on your opponents to stun the penguins, whilst your arrow will make it past them. It requires a very well timed action based on other people's failure. Penguin's moving pattern is somehow simple and they are rather slow, so it's not very hard to make your arrow go past them.
Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Sobrevivendo ao inverno Pick up Regeneration Runes to survive the health degeneration.
  • Dica
Techies minimap icon.png Olha a explosão Push players off the platform with mines. Last player standing wins.
  • Dica
Zeus minimap icon.png Corrida às cegas Finish the race through a field with mines. First to finish wins.
  • You can plant mines to immediately try to kill your nearest opponents or close paths behind you. Use the Lightning Bolt to reveal mines in your path. Generally, two mines are enough to kill Zeus. You can try using the edges of the path to go across a seemingly completely mined field. Sometimes you could make it undamaged.
Axe minimap icon.png Axe suicida Use Berserker's Call to make minions hit you. Be the first to die to win.
  • See that all other axes are in CD when you use your ability. People tend to try to use it straight away, so they start competing for the creature's attention without giving them time to hit axe. When more of those minions start sprouting, you can try to detach some of those from the horde of axes and other minions and have them hit you alone.
Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png Touro mecânico Push players off the platform or kill them with Greater Bash. Last player standing wins.
  • Dica
Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Um fim à magia Avoid being pushed off the platform by Invoker's Deafening Blast. Last player standing wins.
  • Dica
Enchantress minimap icon.png Lançamento de dardo Throw the longest Impetus.
  • Shoot furthest opponent and if he will blink out away from you, you should blink out away from him.
Sniper minimap icon.png Se ficar o bicho come Sobreviva ao apocalipse zumbi.
  • Dica
Ursa minimap icon.png Cutucando o Ogro Do the most damage to the ogre before time runs out.
  • Dica
Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Sobrevivência refratada Use Refraction to survive the fire. Keeping Refraction on drains mana.
  • Dica
Sven minimap icon.png Corrida da Armadilha de Fogo Make it to the end without being killed by the fire.
  • Dica
Techies minimap icon.png Campo minado Avoid the exploding bombs.
  • Avoid the corners of the map, but you can use the edges for safe positions. Getting into the crowd is also not a good idea, because Techies may start bumping and blocking each other movements. Also, attention to the timing of the bombs when they are going to set off. Sometimes, it looks like you are completely surrounded and will die, so you just stay cool and check which mine will set off first and move in that direction as soon as possible after the explosion, avoiding the others in your wake. And if you see that it's impossible to avoid an explosion, sacrifice your health where only one explosion will hit you at time.
Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Pudge suicida Stay away from the suicidal Pudge.
  • Dica
Drow Ranger minimap icon.png Guerra de flechas Be the last archer standing.
  • Dica
Puck minimap icon.png Sobrevivendo aos Ogros Avoid getting crushed by the Ogre.
  • Use Phase Shift to avoid being damaged by the ogres. However, more of them start to appear on the battle field and they get faster too. They'll either club you or stomp. Only use Phase Shift when you are really sure you are going to be damaged.
Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Sobrevivência morsal Avoid getting crushed by the Ogre Seal.
  • Use Nether Swap to get away from the ogre's charge. You can use this to place another player in harm's way, although a well-timed swap usually suffices to keep both players unharmed. More ogres start pouring in after a while, and they start charging faster and more frequently so.
?? Guerra de Shadow Fiend ??
  • Dica
?? Macaquice ??
  • Dica
?? Javali, Urso, Falcão ??
  • Dica
?? Sobrevivência aquecida ??
  • Dica
?? Sobrevivendo à Avalanche ??
  • Dica


Requisitos Recompensa
Vença três partidas via criação de partidas


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Uma nova faixa foi criada para este evento.


  • O Frostivus 2017 é um modo alternativo selecionado pela Valve como vencedor do concurso. O modo foi criado por VicFrank, que recebeu um prêmio de US$ 30.000.
  • O Frostivus 2017 foi o primeiro evento criado pela comunidade.

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