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Strength Strength attribute symbol.png is the attribute that grants health and health regen amplification, and additionally status resistance and attack damage to strength heroes.


For each point of strength, a hero gains the following bonuses:

Additionally, strength heroes also get the following bonuses per point:

The health bonus is only applied to the maximum health pool. The hero's current health is not increased, but keeps the current health percentage. To gain 5% health regen amplification, 7 strength points are required. For strength heroes, to gain 1% status resistance, Erro de expressão: Carácter de pontuação "," não reconhecido strength points are required. Status resistance from strength points gets summed up and is treated as one instance and stacks multiplicatively with other status resistance sources. Strength heroes can reach 100% status resistance with Erro de expressão: Carácter de pontuação "," não reconhecido strength.

Strength heroes[editar]

Strength heroes tend to have more health and health regeneration than other heroes, making them more resilient to both physical attacks and spells. Strength heroes have a great variety in their roles, including that of carry, ganker, and support, but almost all of them have some form of strong initiation and are supposed to act as tanks to some degree. In addition, heroes with a large amount of strength may greatly increase the damage needed to bring a team down. With a few exception, most strength heroes are melee. Whilst intelligence heroes typically sport a strong early game, and Agility heroes excel in the late game, Strength heroes are often able to strike a balance between the two and remain relevant at all points of the game.

There are 1 strength heroes in Dota 2.

Below is a table of all heroes with strength as their primary attribute. The growth columns indicate by how much the base values increases for each level of the hero. Predefinição:Hero attribute table start|- | style="width:75px;" | 75px | style="white-space:nowrap; | Strength | | | | | ||}

Strength items[editar]

These items grant heroes a passive strength bonus by having them merely equipped.

Version history[editar]

  • Strength no longer grants 0.06 health regeneration per point.
  • Strength now grants 0.7% health regen amplification per point.
  • Strength heroes now gain 0.15% status resistance for each point of strength.
  • Increased health per strength from 19 to 20.

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