Fúria de Batalha

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Fúria de Batalha
Battle Fury icon.png
O usuário deste machado imponente ganha a habilidade de cortar faixas de inimigos de uma vez só.
4400 (300)
Ativo Cortar Árvore/Sentinela
Passiva Supressão, Transposição
Adicional +6 de regeneração de vida
+2,25 de regeneração de mana
+45 de dano de ataque
Desmontável? Não
Alerta aliados? Não
Fúria de Batalha (4400)Components4.png
Lâmina Demoníaca (2.200)
Perseverança (1.700)
Machado Supressor (200)
Receita (300)

Fúria de Batalha é um item comprável na loja da base, na categoria armas. No entanto, requer itens da loja secreta para ser completada.


Cortar Árvore/Sentinela
Ignora imunidade a magias.
Árvores / Unidades inimigas
Destrói uma árvore ou sentinela alvo.
Alcance de uso (árvore): 350
Alcance de uso (sentinela): 450
Cooldown: 4


Não pode ser usada pelas ilusões. Ignora imunidade a magias.
Unidades inimigas
Aumenta o dano causado a unidades que não sejam heróis. {{#show:#Supressão|?value1#}} para heróis corpo a corpo e {{#show:#Supressão|?value2#}} para longo alcance.
Dano de ataque adicional (corpo a corpo): 50%
Dano de ataque adicional (longo alcance): 25%


  • Only increases base damage and that provided by attributes. Attack damage bonuses are not increased.
  • When the owner's attack type changes to ranged or melee, the attack damage bonus adapts immediately.
  • The damage  Glaive Lunar bounces are not increased, since they are based on the attacker's attack damage value.

Causa {{#show:#Transposição|?value4#}} do dano de ataque como dano físico em um cone de até {{#show:#Transposição|?value2#}} unidades ao redor do alvo. (Apenas heróis corpo a corpo)
Starting Radius: 150
Distância: 625
End Radius: 330
Cleave Damage: 40%
Não pode ser usada pelas ilusões. Visual effects and sounds still play when illusions attack.


  • The complete area is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid in front of the attacking hero.
  • Fully stacks with other sources of cleaves. Each source of cleave works completely independent.
  • Despite the visual effect, cleave damage is applied instantly in the whole area.
  • Ranged units cannot cleave.

Heróis recomendados[editar]

Anti-Mage icon.png
  • Anti-Mage needs Battle Fury to farm, since he is terrible without items and has trouble farming fast without it. Combined with  Translocar, he can flash-farm the jungle and quickly build his much needed items if not ganked.
Juggernaut icon.png
  • Juggernaut can farm really fast with it when combined with his base attack time. He can pick up the Void Stone icon.png Pedra do Vazio at the secret shop during the laning phase, allowing him to use his abilities more often.
Ember Spirit icon.png
  • Battle Fury is a must for a physical damage-built Ember Spirit, since almost his entire damage output relies on  Punhos Velozes, which can deal enormous damage with Battle Fury but little without it. Ember Spirit is also the most reliable carrier of multiple Battle Furies, since each one greatly increases his damage and unlike other carries, he stays safe during  Punhos Velozes while it greatly weakens the survivability of other carriers by having multiple Battle Furies.



  • The Battle Fury is great tool for farming but a poor choice for mid game skirmishes owing to its lack of primary attributes. Avoid it if the enemy team plays aggressively and your presence is required in team fights early.
  • Effective against illusions, summoned units, jungle stacks, ancient stacks and mega creeps.
    • A Battle Fury allow to farm faster than a Midas for a melee hero. You can get this item after boots start with a ring of regen if you are laning or get damage if you are jungling, then get a mobility item like Blink Dagger to reach camps faster.
  • The cleave benefits from critical hits, including those from items and ignore the armor value and evasion.
  • Having Battle Fury can help greatly against an enemy Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png Nature's Prophet, since some carries have little means to escape his  Brotar without it (the most obvious being Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut and Sven minimap icon.png Sven)
  • Melee heroes with high attack speed can push far more effectively with Battle Fury, even in late game. Critical hits help too.